A Frustrated Client to long term Client

by @seoclerk (89), 2 months ago

Last week, a client expressed his frustration with AI-generated content, saying, 'I'm tired of AI writers. Every time I hire a writer, I get AI content.' . He was desperate for a genuine writer. . I showcased my portfolio, and he was impressed. . He inquired about my rate per word, and I offered my best packages. . I also mentioned the additional cost for NLP entities base writing. . He requested human-written content and asked me to verify its SEO using Semrush, a tool that checks content SEO. . While many of us writers are skeptical of such tools, it was the client's demand. . After discussing the project, the client seemed satisfied but still had some doubts. . Since I had researched his brand, I asked about a keyword. . He shared, and the next day, I delivered the article for free. . He requested minor changes, which I made. . He replied, 'Looks Good,' which made my day! . We had won his trust. . He not only placed an order for the article but also provided a complete batch of keywords and accepted my suggested budget. . He also shared details about Onpage SEO tasks and asked for a price quote. . From free inquiry to long-term client - a win win move! . If you're a writer and identify a genuine client, you can apply the same approach. . However, remember that not every client is the same, and understanding their needs is crucial. . By the way, I'm Muhammad Nadir Khan, here to help you with writing and SEO to grow your online presence. . Feel free to share and follow me for more insights! .

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by @Carparkingsapp (130), 2 months ago

Hey Nadir You are Doing A Great Job Keep it up.

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