301 Redirects from to and then removing

by @things (112), 7 months ago

We're moving our Joomla site to Shopify. The Joomla website has the URL and Shopify currently has and once the migration is complete we're planning to remove the subdomain and just use (for shopify when its all said and done, removing joomla all together)

Right now the process would be : 1) redirect Joomla URLs to Shopify site. 2) Complete Joomla migration/redirects 3) Remove sub-domain on Shopify and use moving forward. 4) I'm sitting here wondering how the redirects will be treated?

Any helpful tips would be appreciated. thank you.

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by @binayjha (2549), 7 months ago

You will have to remove the redirects finally after migrating to Shopify website.

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