301 redirect page from product page from another website home?

by @KP27seo (168), 11 months ago

Hi, we two website consider A and B,here we are redirecting Product Page of a website A to website B Home page. So, Its advisible? Do more number of redirecting multiple product page of A to website B home Cause further issues??

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by @binayjha (5094), 11 months ago

There doesn't look like any issue with it. Please do remember that too many redirections, like in thousands, may cause a server to slow down.

by @jaap (1667), 11 months ago

Is your plan to remove website A in the future? And focus all on B? Or you've another strategy?

by @KP27seo (168), 10 months ago

Just Move some of the modules of Website A to Website B

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