2 Shops how to gain more visitors?

by @jaap (1667), 1 year ago

I'm busy for a client with a shop He wants to outrank his competitor. Let call his shop A Competitor Shop B

Keywords 3.1K (A) 2.4K (B) DA 17 (A) 14(B) Backlinks and quality BL 4K and 958 629 and 44 (B) Performance mob-desktop 61-98 (A) 56-93 (B)

In all above shop A wins. But now look at the traffic 2,8K (A) 6K (B)

What would your first step be to improve traffic? I'm now busy to optimize his most profitable keywords, and add links from his blog to relevant articles in the shop. And some technical improvements for mobile.

It's a start but not enough

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by @ms (3987), 1 year ago

These are all artificial metrics though. Google doesn't use DA or some rough number of backlinks to calculate ranking position. This is just third party approximation of how Google as a blackbox could potentially think about websites and rank them.

From my own experience DA of either 17 or 14 is very low number to be relevant and therefore to compare on a given metric alone. If you were comparing DA50 site to DA20, that would be statistically significant difference, but 17 or 14 does mean nothing.

From my perspective, overall number of backlinks is worthless number (at all). Topical high quality backlinks are likely the ones that make the difference here.

As for the performance, it's about the same. So yeah, it's not unusual that site B outranks site A, even though A beats B in common metrics (by small difference though).

The quick win here would likely be a strong backlink from reputable source in the niche/topic.

by @Gamerseo (1330), 1 year ago

If you are looking for quick solutions, I recommend google ads.

by @jaap (1667), 1 year ago

Customer uses Adwords.

Backlinks I'm busy with, however the client's budget is very limited.

I suggested him to improve also his internal linking.

Still remains the question: What would your first step be to improve traffic in this case?

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