2 different pages with same URL BUT Different Content will be count as duplicate page?

by @KP27seo (168), 1 year ago

I am dealing with Jewellery Nichle website in that multiple pages have same URL but Different content, My Doubt is that a website pages with Same URL or similar URL will be accounted as duplicate page in Google algortihm. Since, I am dealing in jewellery Niche So, using Canonical Tag won't give justice to each and every Page. Thanks for Your Most Valuable Time. Please help me with your valuable suggestions.

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by @binayjha (4449), 1 year ago

Same URLs with different content will be treated as 1 page and randomly cached content of any one URL at a time.

What I suggest is, to present different content on pages there must be some variable in use. Take that variable which is recognizing a page content in the URL to make the URLs different for different content pages. This is possible.

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