The old days of SEO Forum - brief history

by @ms (3167), 2 years ago

Let me take you back to 2003.

11th of December, 2003. on 11th of December 2003

I (re)launched SEO Forum in 2017, but let me tell you, the forum was around far earlier. In fact, it was Quincy Beeker who brought up the idea of seo forum first in 2002.

Quincy was running the forum on phpBB platform, which was gold standard for communities back in 2000's.

After some fundamental changes, in 2004 forum looked like this. in 2004

Forum switched platform from phpBB to vBulletin and the design changed as well.

Unfortunately, the board had quiet short lifespan as Quincy became full-time SEO consultant (according to his LinkedIn Bio). The domain was bought by seasoned domainer Adam Dicker (former owner of and it was used as a redirect to dnforum, which had SEO section at the time. Since then, it was either redirecting visitors to some websites or parked.

Then, I came across the domain in 2016. I was always focused on community projects and forums, so I wanted badly from day one. The problem, obviously, was the price. Somehow, after long time negotiation, I struck a deal and started development of the project.

I build sites on top of Laravel framework since version 5.2 (started in 2015) so I did a fresh install (whatever was the latest version at the time - I believe it was 5.5 or 5.6) and developed the base stuff in few weeks, after work. Designed it myself using Bootstrap 4 and the site was ready to go out as a MVP.

enter image description here

After some time, I realized it was about time to get custom design, so I hired designer and we have built the thing as you see it right now.

And that's it - the brief history of seoforum, 2002 - 2020 (18 years of seoforum).

Hope you enjoyed quick look back to the history of the site.


Posted by Martin Senko

PHP (Laravel) backend programmer and data-oriented SEO explorer. Seoforum is my hobby project where I develop, discuss and take care of members comfort. Feel free to post under Meta if you need anything. Or report bugs here

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by @binayjha (2459), 6 months ago

It is interesting Martin. All the best!