Introducing new post type: Blog

by @ms (3147), 4 years ago

First of all, I have to admit that this part took me way more time than I expected. Not that I was working on it, just couldn't get back to work on seoforum lately. Anyway, the blog (beta) is now deployed and this is first post of blog post type.

How is blog/blog post different from a regular thread?

The main difference is, clearly how much more content-oriented blog post is. There is no sidebar, centered single column layout, larger serif font with increased line-height...


We are doing a lot of digging around Google and have some data, not only search related. I though it would be a good idea to post larger articles from time to time, but thread is just a thread if you know what I mean. Blog post should work better for sharing and get more impressions from the world, as it will present original content

Posted by Martin Senko

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by @binayjha (2414), 7 months ago

Have you ever thought to attract bloggers across the globe to post their unique blog posts here, Martin?

by @ms (3147), 7 months ago

Yes, that would be nice. Would require a little bit more exposure for someone credible to write valuable post and publish it on Seoforum I guess.

by @binayjha (2414), 6 months ago

I couldn't find, how to post content as Blog post here. Please guide or advise.

If blog section could be open for guest bloggers!

by @ronwis0122 (115), 6 months ago

I have the same question as binayjha..