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May 15, 2018
  • Ed Neff published thread Which service is the best value for the money? Ahrefs vs. Majestic vs. SEMRush

    I am sure you know all of them. I guess some of you even use all of them. I just can't justify subscription price of all combined, so I'll have to choose one to go with for my projects. Ahrefs looks pretty useful, a lot of data to dig through, but the price is $179/mo which is a LOT. Majestic is imo even better, because of topical trust flow metric, which seems to be incredibly useful for analysing competitors and their backlink profiles. Pricing feels affordable compared to Ahrefs ($83.33/mo) SEMRush probably the most useful tool for analysing competitors, backlink profiles etc, but I am not sure here which plan would be the best fit. Do I need historical data? I guess not necessarily. So the price would be either $99.95/mo for Pro or $199.95/mo for Guru, which is extended membership level with historical data, higher limits and branded reports (I don't think I'd need any of Guru's features). What would you choose as a most effective tool for SEO in general, if you had to pick one? Thanks!!

Dec 7, 2017
  • Ed Neff published thread Duplicate keyword in URL

    Can duplicate keywords in URLs boost page importance on that keyword? Or is it potentially subject to penalisation? Think of some-product.com/some-product/some-product-{specific} where product specific would be either color, size, model, version or so. To me, it looks quiet spammy, but saw that on a site. They do well in G's SERP. I would rather not post their actual website for now, but you know get what i mean.