May 15, 2018

Which service is the best value for the money? Ahrefs vs. Majestic vs. SEMRush

Ed Neff published thread Which service is the best value for the money? Ahrefs vs. Majestic vs. SEMRush

I am sure you know all of them. I guess some of you even use all of them. I just can't justify subscription price of all combined, so I'll have to choose one to go with for my projects.

Ahrefs looks pretty useful, a lot of data to dig through, but the price is $179/mo which is a LOT.

Majestic is imo even better, because of topical trust flow metric, which seems to be incredibly useful for analysing competitors and their backlink profiles. Pricing feels affordable compared to Ahrefs ($83.33/mo)

SEMRush probably the most useful tool for analysing competitors, backlink profiles etc, but I am not sure here which plan would be the best fit. Do I need historical data? I guess not necessarily. So the price would be either $99.95/mo for Pro or $199.95/mo for Guru, which is extended membership level with historical data, higher limits and branded reports (I don't think I'd need any of Guru's features).

What would you choose as a most effective tool for SEO in general, if you had to pick one?


Dec 7, 2017

Duplicate keyword in URL

Ed Neff published thread Duplicate keyword in URL

Can duplicate keywords in URLs boost page importance on that keyword? Or is it potentially subject to penalisation?

Think of{specific} where product specific would be either color, size, model, version or so.

To me, it looks quiet spammy, but saw that on a site. They do well in G's SERP. I would rather not post their actual website for now, but you know get what i mean.


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