Seoforum Rules and Moderation

by @ms (3167), 1 year ago

In general, there is no explanation to how we moderate this board. Not that we have to explain it in any way, but I personally really appreciate every single visitor here, so seems fair to let you know...


Do not post live links in general. Use block code or inline code instead.

People (or should I say spambots) generally use live links to spam sites and we can identify it easily by checking for links in posts.

Such posts are sometimes recognized automatically, and sometimes we edit or remove manually. There is never lift ban included for most cases, so make sure you avoid posting live links.

If you need opportunity to pitch your product/service, feel free to hit me up, using link in the footer. We are happy to show off great product and useful services here via banners, or blogposts.

Weird content

From time to time, we see a post or reply that doesn't look like natural language. It's either generated or made totally unclear by author using useless description of their issue.

In 95% of cases we delete those.

Copy paste content

Sometimes really nice, lengthy post shows up. It's weird, because it has no links in it and we don't see why would someone post such an exhausting piece without being rewarded in any way.. So we check it in Google and web plagiarism checkers and there is almost always a match.

Please, don't do that. You will get banned (never lift ban).

It's obviously duplicate content, we don't like it, our users don't like it, search engines don't like it.

How the reputation points work

Every time you post or reply (or your post/reply receives upvote) your reputation is going up.

When we delete your post/reply, you are getting minus points. So you're basically losing your hardly earned reputation.

That's about it. Make sure you email me with whatever you are not sure about. Most likely, if you are unsure, it's probably no-go.

Thanks and enjoy the board.

Posted by Martin Senko

PHP (Laravel) backend programmer and data-oriented SEO explorer. Seoforum is my hobby project where I develop, discuss and take care of members comfort. Feel free to post under Meta if you need anything. Or report bugs here

Easy way to contact me directly: scroll down, visit Contact Us page and hit me up with your email.

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Nice Information. Thanks for Sharing.

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