Google to crawl sites over HTTP/2 from November 2020

by @ms (3791), 3 years ago

According to this article published yesterday, Googlebot will support crawling selected sites over HTTP/2.

The reason is reason is simple. Newest major release of HTTP protocol is faster and more efficient, therefore using less resources while crawling (on the server side). So it's webmasters wish becoming reality.

However, seems like a test on some selected websites. Google will be crawling more sites over HTTP/2 in the future.

This Googlebot update will have no effect on ranking.

Posted by Martin Senko

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1 Comment

by @skylingdigital (38), 3 years ago


I wasn't aware of it. I just wrote a blog on Search Ranking Algorithm. It really impacted many websites ranking, traffic and revenue in the last 1-2 months.