Oct 27, 2022

Domain Name Same but URL are Different?

whohasnainalam upvoted Domain Name Same but URL are Different?

Hello Everyone, I wanted to know if a Domain like (xyza.com and xyzb.com) with the same name but with a different Url is there and if the majority of the traffic of going to the first domain(xyza.com). How should I do SEO for the second website? Thanks and Regards.

Aug 11, 2022

Google MUM update: What can SEOs expect in the future?

whohasnainalam published thread Google MUM update: What can SEOs expect in the future?

The introduction of MUM represents the next major paradigm shift for Google search after Hummingbird, Rankbrain, and BERT. While the previous innovations based on machine learning are based on several trained models for different tasks, the goal at MUM is to use only one model for all tasks related to indexing, information retrieval, and ranking.

That streamlining of machine learning models has a host of benefits for search performance, but before you can fully appreciate what a major change MUM represents, you must first understand what we’re dealing with here.

read in detail at https://searchengineland.com/google-mum-update-seo-future-383551



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