Aug 11, 2022

SEMrush Keyword Rankings Not Populating

tiff_frazier published thread SEMrush Keyword Rankings Not Populating

Several websites aren't showing any keyword rankings in SEMrush. I've never had an issue, but a handful that were added in February still aren't showing rankings. I've broadened the targeting to be state-wide, but still haven't seen any data two months later. I'm seeing rankings in Google Search Console, so thinking it might be an SEMrush issue, but wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue and if so, how to fix?

Jul 18, 2022
Jul 15, 2022

Incorrect website showing up as subpage in search results

tiff_frazier published thread Incorrect website showing up as subpage in search results

Hello! My company manages websites that are set up on a subfolder structure. Two websites have very similar names, one that has "North Dallas & Park Cities" in the name and one that includes "Northwest Dallas". I'm having an issue with a Northwest Dallas website page link showing up as one of the sub page results under the North Dallas & Park Cities primary search result. I tried changing the meta tags to include "NW Dallas" to try and make them more distinct and requested Google to recrawl the sites, but am still seeing the same issue with that one incorrect link nested under the other site's results. Wondering if anyone else has dealt with this and has a solution?





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