Jul 31, 2020

Need Help With My Website Authority ?

seogenics replied to thread Need Help With My Website Authority ?

Looks like your website traffic and keywords graph have gone up and then gone down and this may have happened because of some content issues on your website or low-quality backlink profile. But you can always work on the same, try adding keywords which people are usually searching for in your niche and try out some link outreach strategies where in you can get some good quality links from other websites. You can also follow this 9 step process by better DA of your website:

Apr 6, 2020

COVID-19 Special Announcement Schema

seogenics published thread COVID-19 Special Announcement Schema

Yes, it’s true that Google is going to support a New COVID-19 Special Announcement Schema in search results as in this coronavirus pandemic, everybody is facing issues whether its big companies or small business organizations as they are operating from home, which also affects the time schedules and other activities. So to help such organizations whose business is affected by COVID-19, Google has introduced a Special Announcement Schema which they can use to put urgent notices or information about their business on the website.

You can review the sample code and other guidelines here

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