Nov 4, 2022

Data Aggregators a thing of the past?

giomacosta published thread Data Aggregators a thing of the past?

Neustar, Axicom, Factual are(were) data aggregator that I used for citations for a past business. I would work with them directly, but I recently tried working with them like I did in the past but I was told they don't work with individuals businesses and that I should use Yext, BrightLocal or other third party companies for this.

I would rather not go that the route of using a third-party because they'll own the citations. I know theres the Fiverr route of paying someone to create the citations but I know those aren't the best quality.

Is there a work around(to keep citation/listing ownership) or are other data aggregators that I submit my business information to? TIA!




Just combing through the SEO rat nest πŸ€.

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