Jun 25, 2021

Internal Links --> tanking my ranking

bhlow replied to thread Internal Links --> tanking my ranking

The downturn may not be due to your internal linking building, there was an algorithm update rolled out in June 2021, which may partially be caused by these algorithm updates as well. Hope this helps.

Jun 21, 2021

X-Cache & Google Rendering

bhlow published thread X-Cache & Google Rendering

I found out that most of our webpages are not rendered as it is by Google, Google seems to render those pages with another page of script. When I refer to Google cache (http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/) I found that most of the content are not being rendered in Google cache version, hence my updated content and meta tags are not reflected/updated on SERP.   When I perform URL inspection from GSC, I realized that these pages are having "X-Cache: Error from cloudfront".

I would like to know will "X-Cache: Error from cloudfront" affect how Googlebot crawl and index our site?

Thank you! 




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