Jan 13, 2023

Keywords cannibalization issue

Tiptopranking published thread Keywords cannibalization issue

Good day! We observe the following problem: Google constantly changes one product page to another in search results. Keywords cannibalization occurs. The issue is that the site has different color versions of the same products under different URLs.

F.e. we have page with bath tray in Natural color and in the same time 6 more colored versions of the same product.

We specially set up keywords with low search volume for colored versions of bath trays but sometimes we see that they are appear in search results instead of Natural one.

How to solve this isuue? We have 2 variants:

  1. Unite all the colored versions into one page and set up 301 redirects from them to Natural colored version and delete colored pages from website (there is a minus - our Collection page will look poor with 1-2 goods),
  2. Set up rel=canonical for all colored versions (nor sure that Google will accept all the canonicals).
  3. Variant 1 + delete all the links to colored pages, but leave colored variations on the Collection page to observe with links to Natural color

Are there any other good ideas?




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