Dec 15, 2021

English market for link building

soksikas104 published thread English market for link building

Hi there! I am working with a website that is localized for US and UK and I’m currently working with link building for both of these domains. It’s well known that if the website you outrach for a link has most traffic in the US, the most relevant thing to do would be to place my US domain link there, right? Here’s the problem - most of the english websites has the most traffic in the US just because of the same language. The issue - there’s way more people living in the US than in the UK, so does it mean link builders should take this into account? I know I know sounds a bit complicated but let me give an example: Imagine finding a webiste that has 200k traffic. You check ahrefs and see that the most traffic (let’s say 20%) is coming from the US (40k). The second most traffic comes from the UK with 5% (10k). Now here’s the fun part: currently theres about 330 million people living in the US and about 0.012% (40k) has visited the hypotetical website I talked about before. As for the UK - currently about 70 million people are living there and about 0.014% (10k) has visited the hypotetical website from the UK. My point - does that mean that logically, this website is more popular in the UK than in the US and it would be more relevant to place UKs domain link in it? I need more opinions on this :))




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