Jan 4, 2022

No index tags

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Thanks so much for the replies. And apologies for the slow response. My email had sent the notification that I'd received a reply to spam.

Yahoo gives me next to nothing in traffic, so not too concerned about them.

So to clarify - no indexing tags having indexed them for 7 years shouldn't be an issue?

Not sure how I know if I have links to the pages related to the tags or not. Is this something that would be automatically done in wordpress? I'm not overly technical with websites and just use Wordpress. Anyone who is wordpress savvy, is there a way I can stop linking to tags, if Wordpress is in fact linking to tags?

Sorry for the 20 questions! Any help appreciated.

Re: No index tags

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Hello, Tags are effective in Yahoo SEO, but not in Google SEO, and because they create poor quality pages, they should not be indexed in Google. The best way is to put tags for the posts but the links to the pages related to them should not be placed anywhere on the site and should only be in the keywords meta tag of the.

Dec 15, 2021

No index tags

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I have a wordpress website and use the plugin All-In-One SEO, which is setup to index tags by default. I recently read that you shouldn't index tags. What's everyone's opinion on indexing tags?

Also, the site is 7 year's old and, as far as I know, has been indexing tags for that whole time. Having indexed tags for this long would that change your opinion on the first question?

Appreciate any help/insight into this




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