Sep 8, 2023

Why do I get zero impressions?

niklemp published thread Why do I get zero impressions?

I've been in working in online marketing for some time, but I've recently taken the reins of our company's SEO initiatives.

A Bit About Us: We are a fin-tech startup from Switzerland and we also run a blog focusing on investing and finance tailored for the Swiss audience. Most of our content is in German and, in my view, of high quality. Yet, our organic traffic has been virtually non-existent, prompting my involvement.

What I've Observed: Upon diving in, I spotted numerous minor oversights from the past. Fundamental aspects like headline and URL structures were off, many articles weren't even indexed. Some quick on-page fixes managed to improve our ranking for both old and new articles.

The Puzzle: Despite these efforts, one of our cornerstone articles does not get any impressions. I'm at a loss as to why.

Here is the article: https: // www.selma .com/de-ch/learn/Akademie/Finanzen%20101/geld-anlegen-schweiz

The article goes in-depth about how to invest in Switzerland. It covers topics such as:

  • How much to invest?
  • How to invest?
  • Which options do you have?
  • etc. etc.

Quite many competitors have similar content pieces which are ranked on the first page. We do not even get it visible somehow.

Since I am realtively new in the world of SEO, I would appreciate your help. Maybe there is something obvious I have missed. Your expertise would mean a lot!




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