Nov 19, 2021

Sitewide change made our site lose a lot of rankings

dika published thread Sitewide change made our site lose a lot of rankings

This is my first post here, so please be kind :)

Anyway, here is my case:

A few months ago (in August to be exact) our ecommerce site underwent a massive change. Other than how the site is visually presented, we also changed URL structure from to

Then September and October come and gone, with the site losing organic traffic day by day. As it turned out, we lost a lot of Google rankings from top keywords that we dominated before.

We did redirect /category to /c, but that didn't seem to help (in fact that seemed to make things worse). There were also unneeded redirects as well as missing, multiple, and duplicated H1's.

We have fixed most of the problems mentioned, and working on more that still aren't fixed yet.

My questions: 1) Does fixing the problems really help with our situation (losing rankings/org. traffic)? 2) If so, is there some sort of estimation of when Google or other SE's put us back on the first page?




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