Feb 5, 2023

Duplicate H Headings?

bdp31770 replied to thread Duplicate H Headings?

Thank you all for the replies, I think it is a wordpress issue I am fixing now. I appreciate the feedback.

Feb 2, 2023

Duplicate H Headings?

bdp31770 published thread Duplicate H Headings?

Hi all - I'm using a website that grades one's seo, and it's saying that www.nealbailes.com has the heading 'why choose real estate finance group' twice, both as H1 and H2. I searched the code for that page and can only find that phrase once.

It's also saying 'say no to mortgage junk fees' is both an H2 and H3 but I only see it once in the code. The grader i'm using is seobility.net.

I"m curious if I'm missing something and the phrases are there twice and I need to remove one of them? Or is this maybe a false positive? Thank you for any suggestions.




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