Nov 12, 2022

URL and Google Ranking

CBC replied to thread URL and Google Ranking

Thank you for your response. I hope you are correct, but let me give you more information.

I live in Omaha and my office is in Ralston (suburb). My URL is ralstonchiropractor, but my Biz name is Complete Balance Chiropractic.

Based on this info. is your response the same?

Nov 10, 2022

URL and Google Ranking

CBC published thread URL and Google Ranking

I have been told that my business URL causes issues with Google ranking.

  1. The URL is different than my business name.
  2. I live in a suburb of a larger city. I am trying to rank in the larger city, but my URL has the suburb name in it.

These 2 reasons are what I am being told is the reason I'm not ranking. Will I need to get a different name for a website that is similar to by business name or Can I just add a page to my existing website that highlights the larger city and try to rank for that?




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