Outdated snippet and Remove Outdated Content Removal Tool denies removal

by @Biv (149), 2 weeks ago

Any ideas what to do as the outdated snippets have been there for 6 months now. The following links contain outdated snippets and the Remove Outdated Content Removal Tool denies removing the outdated content even though the original post on Facebook was deleted.

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by @ms (1239), 2 weeks ago

Don't post million links (I deleted them). No one will click each...

Anyway, I don't think I understand. Are you trying to remove outdated Facebook content from Google Search? You can't (obviously) remove content from other websites that you don't own.

by @Biv (149), 1 week ago


Thank you for responding.

I understand that I can’t remove content from other websites that I don’t own.

I’m having problems concerning the removal of outdated content using the Google Remove Outdated Content Tool. The owner of the Facebook page has kindly removed the original post but the snippet in the url in google search is outdated and contains info about me but when you click on the link it takes you to a post that has nothing to do with me. I’ve followed all of the instructions in order to remove the cached snippet of the URL but the status comes back as denied. Here is an example of one link :

The reason I think that Google’s Remove Outdated Content Tool is not working is because there is NO cache version of live page. Yet, this shows up under a google search of my name with info in the snippet about me. I spoke to the Facebook page owner and they said this is a google problem .

Can you advise?

How can I relate this problem to the team at Google to work out this bug?

I would be very grateful if you can help me solve this problem since as I have read many other users are experiencing the same issue.

Thank you very much in advance

by @ms (1239), 1 day ago

I mean, if you're A, you can't force B to remove/update whatever related to C.

I don't think you can do much about it. In this case, site owner is Facebook itself, so I doubt FB page owner can do anything about it. Maybe deleting the post completely would help, so if Google hit 404, it will remove it from its index in some time.

by @Biv (149), 16 hours ago

You are correct- FB page owner can’t do anything even though they tried. Google and Bing have told me to contact Facebook directly at

But I am not sure which Facebook form to fill out because the original post about me is removed and the post that is up is legitimately fine and about someone else but the problem is my name is in the snippet.

Can you advise the best form to fill out for Facebook even though it’s probably a long shot

by @ms (1239), 9 hours ago

As long as your personal details are in the play, you have actually good chance FB will take care of it. They basically have to. If you were in EU, you would probably leverage GDPR.

by @Biv (149), 9 hours ago

My personal details are definitely in snippet but I don’t know which form to submit to Facebook

The issue is that the original post about me was taken down but my info shows up in another URL’s snippet but I can’t report that URL or post because it is a perfectly legit post about someone else that just happens to contain my info in the snippet in the search results.

So can you advise which form I would fill out here because I can’t find one that applies to my situation:

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