Can anyone suggest Seo for Nobedad Blog

by @whitevoxindia (192), 3 weeks ago

Hello everyone,

I have a blog on Nobedad website, can anyone suggest me some good activities for ranking in google.

Plus kindly check my blog and guide me what i can more add in it for ranking and traffic.

My blog:- https://www.nobedad.com/blog/whitevox-india

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by @ms (625), 3 weeks ago

You need more content, if you want to rank. Having just one published article is not enough.

Also, why do you use third party blog service for your company web presentation? Specially being "Digital Marketing Agency". If I was in the market for a similar services, I wouldn't pick company, that doesn't even have it's own website and is relying on third party services for whatever reason.

Doesn't make much sense to me.

by @dex (132), 3 weeks ago

I don't like your blog. Looks like empty page. Nothing in there.

by @shim (139), 3 weeks ago

You can't rank well with that article. It's full of BS. I don't see any value there and it's a shame for SEO agency to publish article like that. You can do better (or maybe not).

by @whitevoxindia (192), 4 days ago

Guys, we are not promoting anything, We have all set of things that your talking to be must be required or focus, but we are here to know more on NEw Web 2.0 and new blogging platforms where we can build a new community. do not take it the wrong way, we have well-established things, We just want suggestion on NOBEDAD Platform and how to use and how to do seo for it and if anyone use it give us there review on it.

by @ms (625), 3 days ago

Can you tell us, what Nobedad is @whitevoxindia ?

I have no idea what that site is about, but seems cheap and according to SimilarWeb, it's receiving less than 1000 visitors per day. So I don't see any reason to publish on such a "platform" other than promoting it just because it's your site.

Anyways, clarification is welcome.


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