Hello, My site is currently in Joomla and I'm in the process of recreating it in wp. The joomla site has had the url rewrite on for a few years. So, I'm not sure how to h...


For google search location results (found at the top of page) does it make a difference whether you show your address. Example" There are many injury lawyers in Tor...


Hello everyone We have a website and online portal application hosted under .com and .net domain extensions respectively. How to take advantage of web traffic coming to o...


Hi, Sometimes, I notice the data from Moz, Semrush and Ahrefs are inconsistent. For example, Ahrefs shows there are a great decrease of the referring domains in Nov 2021,...


So this site preferablepups has around 400 pages. There is a main breed page Then there are 50 state pages with damn near similar content just with the keywords changed o...

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Hi all, Been struggling for ages to get the website for one of our branches to rank - nothing seems to work. Ran sitechecker.pro audit yesterday and one of the critical i...


Hello friends My site pages are not indexed Please someone check my site, if needed, I will give access to the site and search console www.tahashir.com


I created a redirect from a company we acquired to our site. In my backlink audit, it shows this link as extremely toxic. What are my options?