One site is health related magazine, the other one is kinda product review aggregator. Used to be at steady traffic levels. About 700-800 visitors on health magazine, but...


Zero Traffic

by @seobaby (130), 1 year ago

My website suddenly went Zero Traffic today. Need to understand the reason. In past days I got 9 - 20 What could be the reason


I am posting this to find out if my idea sounds reasonable to you, or if it's too much in your eyes. So, what I am proposing Each new post, from a user with no posts wou...


Hi, I want to know can speed of a website / load time, impact in positive way for overall SEO of the website, and secondly do techniques like image compression, do actual...


I am new to SEO and have attempted to do it to my own website but I'm not able to make it show on Google search results. I have used google search console and crawled it,...


Hi, first time poster. The case 4000 page website 35.000 sessions per month Multiple regions with separate pages per region We are doing a complete URL structure change...

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I am thinking of building a one-page website promoting only one product. Not a single-page site like a landing page. The content will be well written using the AHREFS ke...


Hello! guys I am facing the problem, to find keyword monthly search volume and CPC of my 10 keywords, with 4 different countries. plz, help me out. and suggest any free b...


which backlink is better for Off-Page SEO? Do-Follow or No-Follow ? and what is the work for both of them?


I see this quiet often in SEO discussions, blog posts, etc. Soft 404 error But what does that really mean? Is there an hard 404 too? How are these different?