Hi everyone! Rating stars is a good type of schema for increase the CTR on searches, but can we rate our own posts/articles? Google knows when it's me doing this? Is it b...


Parasite SEO ?

by @jonduv (285), 4 months ago

Hello, I'm sure most already know, but the word in the SEO world is that Google is cracking down on what they call "parasite SEO". This term is new to me so I'm...


I need a large database with German informational websites of various kinds. Primarily interested in educational websites. Commercial websites of companies are not needed...


Google news

by @yuki (67), 1 year ago

Why my google news site only show two pages on googlenews? site is ceksite.com


Spam score

by @rohit (179), 4 days ago

Recently my spam score goes down 23% to 1, but I am facing issue that my traffic is also down. Why?


Hi, I work for a B2B website which has a large 'mega' navigation menu. It has hundreds of links to our most popular pages. Our UX designer would like to change that inste...

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Our main business is selling software to recover corrupt MS Word documents. Meanwhile, we also publish some Word-related articles, such as: How to export all images in a...


Why my website not crawling well?


Hello! I just wanted to know if there is a solution for my situation: I was ranked first and second for some keywords, but I just saw that three URLs of my site (products...


I came across term Crawl Budget in an article recently. It sounded familiar, but I don't really know what does that mean. Does it have something to do with how much resou...