We are currently deciding whether to use a subdomain, the same URL or a totally new URL for our new marketing company. We want to use blog posts that will get us visitors...


Spent 3 hours looking for a solutions, yet I am still struggling to find a tool which would list most popular keywords for bigger US cities (100k+). If you know of some t...


Hello, Currently we have 2 websites which will be merging, example: abc.com and def.com will merge and migrate to a third domain: xyz.com. abc.com also has a translated...


I am looking for the top resources that can be helpful to create backlinks. If anyone in the forum has a list of those, kindly share.


Fairly new to SEO and learning as I go for our small local family-owned service business. My question is about similar long-tail keywords. As an example is we are ranking...


Hello, first of all this is my first time on this forum, so I would like to introducde myself to everyone. I am currently in my first job, after graduating in marketing....

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GC Paul

Google Penalty

by @GC Paul (12), 1 year ago

How do I check Google penalty without GSC access? Is any free website/tool on the web to check properly??


I have a USA-based website and I am working on it on Night Shift, as I am working from India. I have a question that Does doing SEO Activities in Day or Night affect a US...


Hi, Can some please tell me how to do mobile SEO and AMP is possible to Magento website. its is free or paid


Indexing problem

by @Ahhrrr (116), 7 months ago

Hello, I need help with my website After changing my host and redirecting the url of my website pages since the beginning of this year I noticed that the new pages adde...