Spaces in URLs

by @kurt0123 (301), 11 months ago

Hello, For years I've been working on my URLs to prevent spaces. However it's time consuming when you have a lot of dynamic pages. I just stumble upon this URL of a well...


In the past links from social networks were marked as Referral, but now I have a big amount of Organic Social Traffic. Have you noticed the same on your websites?


Anybody occur sudden drop of crawl request situation? The crawl request of my site drop dramatically from daily 125k to 1k, nearly drop ove3 90%.


Hi everyone 👋👋👋 I have a small but still bothering problem which I like to share with you. I optimized an e-commerce website that sells printers (new and used) The sam...


The answer is in three categories; Page Load Time, Keyword Selection, & Content Creation. Page Load Time is the key to maintain your audience on-site, if your page lo...


Hello folks, I have a finance website with plenty of experts writing interesting forecasts, the traffic is good but the news section had very little content. We thought...

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One of my client he have a domain which is example.ae from the last 9 years. Now I have designed the website for him and need to host the website. But his all social medi...


I'm creating a site based in the South East of England, but also with a location in the South West. What is the best option for SEO on each page? If I populate Title tag...


I scanned my site in screaming frog and the status is 200 but the site is not indexed. Write me a canonical, how do I arrange it?


Hello, We have a WordPress website trying to improve core web vitals in our website. CLS not improving well is day by day increasing in origin summary. We checked our web...