Seo question

by @Chitra (110), 5 months ago

Hi, Can you tell me, how we can calculate %new visit in analytics. Is there any formula?? Plz revert asap.


My website has based on mobile app development services in India. Normally I am searching keywords on Google, it will show the results in 1st position in my place (local)...


keywords query

by @Blade1 (112), 5 months ago

Hi All, New member here! I have a small wordpress site. One thing I am confused about is for pages like contact us, what should my focus keyword/keyphrase be? Thanks!

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My Website receives unrelated visits to one of the page. How can I utilise to improve the SEO of other pages?


The forum would stay as is, so anyone can join for free, but if you want to have more exposure (signature with link) and become recognized by badge, you will be able to u...


Hi, hope you are doing well! I have one question regarding my website and I'm hoping fine response from this board and I will get help. Here is a link to my website: ( bi...


As I learn more about SEO and targeting keywords, I get the impression that as a freelance web designer, one of the strategies I should aim for is to rank for local keywo...


Hi there, I've stepped into a marketing role at a startup and have gotten a couple questions from my CTO I was wondering if someone could help me with. We are a customer...


What change do you think Google will come up with in 2021 with respect to SEO changes and and how would it impact current ranks of websites.


How can Google Maps Marketing give you a competitive edge? How does Google Maps Marketing work?