My client's website structure is like this: Their most demanded service page is like: I am a bit...


Hello, I want to run my first email campaign. Which is the best affordable email marketing tool? please suggest.


Is the right way if someone uses Price/Rate in the Title/Description from an SEO perspective? please suggest to me about Onpage strategy


Hello, anyone has a link which explains in simple terms the integration of Google Structured Data (with examples) ? The different documentation (even on Google) goes in t...


I have a website and I want to rank it on Google.


I am facing issues with my company keyword. Which it shows the negative links in the first page of the google search. Please help me find out the solution. Thank you.

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Why Blog not ranking in google.


Hey guys, I'm following this case study to fix index bloat on a SaaS website. I'm at this part that says to check for www pages crawled and indexed when you serve non-www...


Google Search Console showed some excluded pages with 404, so I redirect them, but now Google Search Console shows them as redirect errors. Can anyone help me solve this?...