Hello, I am preparing a backlink. I need help with two things. First, I am planning to use a proxy IP for the backlink. What proxy do you usually use? The IP used once fo...


Hey everyone, I'm working on a project where I have a comprehensive data set in a Google Sheet. Ideally, I'd love for this data to be discoverable through search engines....


I have set up an SEO campaign for my website and enabled indexing for crawling. However, the website experienced a Japanese spam attack, resulting in numerous spam posts...


seo tips

by @rohit (137), 1 month ago

how to beat another website on particular keyword please help me


Hello everyone, I am working on the Tours package website where I have the main category page for “Honeymoon Package” and the subcategory page of “ 2 days Honeymoon packa...


Hello! I have a collegue that has a very fast site. I think he is fooling google somehow bnecause he gets 97 on mobile and it's like his website is empty. When testing it...

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Hello friends I have a question on the website of one of the customers, that each photo is created on a separate page These pages should be deleted, right? And at the end...


Dear webmasters and SEOs, Our friends at GF Leads have launched a completely new and unique affiliate program at gfleads.com. If you are an arbitrator, webmaster, online...


Hello guys

by @neveni75 (119), 1 month ago

Can I post the link of my site here? Kind regards


I have posted an article on the website Wholesalemart This article has struck with error "Crawled, Currently Not Indexed" on the very same day, I created this p...