Hello friends, I have more than 30 keywords for the below website and I am checking the ranking of those keywords manually and this takes more time. So I'm looking for be...

I am wondering how long I should keep redirects in place. For example, I have changed my website domain and have redirects in place to direct to the new website domain. H...


Hi, How can I prove to a debt collector that I have no debt to their company?


Hi I'm wanting to learn more about e-commerce SEO specifically - does anyone have any tips about the best place to start, please?


Please any help can some tld extension affect therise of my DA score. I host [soccerhub] and the tld is and it's over a year Meanwhile a friend host a website it'...


Hi Peeps I need a tool to check HTTP header statuses to ensure that all other URL variants are permanently redirected to the preferred URL. I was using b...

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Hi, My site has 2 navigable homepages with no rel=canonical or redirect to one another. e.g. Homepage 1 = Homepage 2 =


I have started working on a website: I am hoping to drive traffic from various platforms, being an accounting website can I have some suggestion where d...


My few client's website facing little drop down in SERPS ranking. I want to up the ranking as the festive season is around the corner and also looking for more traffic, t...


Hello, I need help in understanding how to get images come as row in the SERPs? This is for highly graphical website.