What to do if my product page has 200+ internal links on it representing shapes for this product? How to reduce them to improve my SEO? Should I paginate them or update t...

Mohamed adam

Share the information about backink process in digital marketing, let share the quality backlinks build in my business


We have been doing SEO for our skincare clinic website since August. Our team has performed the following checks: Mobile Friendly Google Friendly Coding Page Speed Test:...


Do you think SERM affects domain trust? What SERM tips would you give in 2022-2023?


The AI SEO problem

by @ms (3147), 1 month ago

Let me be the first one here to open this can of worms. The AI content is here - is it here to stay though? If it's now so easy to generate the content, how hard will be...


I have 1000+ duplicate pages, e.g., www.mydomain.com/category/subcategory/page-example and www.mydomain.com/page-example. What would be better to set canonical or do 301...

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Hello since oct 21 i have seen a complete free fall of traffic to my marketplace website, i have thousands of products and usually for the last 6 months when you search f...


Hello everyone. I am a newbie in web development especially in SEO. I have a website https://niyooshawebsites.com This website is online for the last 3-4 years. However...


How to stop indexing blogs pages like abc.com/blogpage/, abc.com/blogpage/one, abc.com/blogpage/two, abc.com/blogpage/two Pl help if you any idea


Good morning all I launched a few months ago my site: https://seositechecking.com/ it is a site that can help to calculate the reinforcement score of other websites thro...