The new additions and notable modifications are: New deceptive behavior related-topics such as misleading functionality New section on other behaviors that can lead...


301 error

by @bosspro (112), 1 month ago

Hello:) I'm new here, I built a new site: The problem is that in the first construction of the site I made a lot of internal links with errors, for...


Hi, everyone Need some help, I had a sudden drop of impressions on my website and found out that it was only the homepage impressions that was the cause of the drop. I fo...


I saw keywords has been ranked but I am not able to see Refer Link or Backlink; Anyway to check that?


Hi Just wondering if it is possible to change or pivot the type of content for a website? I have a seasonal blog with a DA of around 16 and ranks for a highly searched ke...


Hi there. I have a coupon site with 100k+ traffic monthly. One of the top pages ranked down from No1 to No9 last month, which caused the overall traffic drop of my site....

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I have a project of e commerce website. There is a big issue on site that the 1083 pages are crawling but not indexing. I have used Google api also but it's does not work...


Hi, Hello Everyone. I am the newbie member, I am glad for joining me. Thanks.


Any clues on how I can fix this continuing issue on Google SERP for website? This does not show on Bing at all. Any hints?


I've been noticing that individual web stories are ranking in the actual SERPs, as if they were web pages, and I was curious to see how any SEO's are handling this. For...