Has anyone experienced issues with the appearance of your site name in search results for mobile? The Wordpress site name, content sitewide & schema is spelt correctl...


I added a search blocking rule? q on robots.txt, and noticed on the spam page that there is a noindex tag, but the page is still indexed, don't know what to do next to pr...


Our CRO team is working on menu restructuring. What would yoy say should be kept in mind from an SEO perspective?


I changed one of my posts' meta descriptions in WordPress. But after 1 month, it's still showing the old meta. Can you please help me?


Number of indexed pages with "site:" search less than reported in Google Webmaster Tools (1100 in site: search, 21000 in Webmaster). How to fix it?


Hi, I m wondering that few of the urls indexed and most of the pages not indexed by Google bot, I'd try multiple times to submit xml but bot not crawled and indexed.

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Our developer implemented a Read More button which when clicked opens the rest of the text on a category page. The content which is under the button is in the source code...


A reasonably relevant, reasonably good authority website has linked to my website, but rather than directly linking to my site via like the below: <a href="mysite.com"...


I recently updated my title and change my content, and find that my ranking is out of 30 (the previous is 16). Should I change back to the old version?