H1 tag on page

by @Imic (116), 2 years ago

Hi guys, glad to have joined the community. I have double H1 tags on every page is what I realized. It seems this is coming with the WP template I'm using. I have a produ...


Hello, I have an anomaly in the bounce rate for my client. The bounce rate drops in July, and then doesn't seem to rise again. Does anybody know the reason for this? We d...


I just started my blog its my first post its not showing on google search what i have to do. Its blogspot blog free to use


Yes, it’s true that Google is going to support a New COVID-19 Special Announcement Schema in search results as in this coronavirus pandemic, everybody is facing issues wh...


First of all greetings everyone :) Thank you for creating such a useful forum for boosting SEO and knowledge about it. I need your kind advice on this one, basically I'm...

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I am new to SEO and have attempted to do it to my own website but I'm not able to make it show on Google search results. I have used google search console and crawled it,...


Is there anyone with a SimilarWeb PRO account help me get top traffic sites for some selected countries (ideally all)? I could pay for it also but with my low personal bu...


If Any Suitable Guidelines Let Me know. Please Help Me asap.


Hello my friends I have run to a problem recently and I really don't know how to solve it. some of pages are disappeared from google. At first, they were doing well and i...