Spaces in URLs

by @kurt0123 (215), 3 months ago

Hello, For years I've been working on my URLs to prevent spaces. However it's time consuming when you have a lot of dynamic pages. I just stumble upon this URL of a well...


As I want to know the maximum limit of URLs we can add into a single sitemap for my new e-commerce website.


I am confuse about two h1 tag on a single page, so suggest me can I use 2 H1 tag on single landing page. and also suggest me its is beneficial for my SEO ranking.

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I found this quite interesting, because they own the data and most of the time the content they show for your company related queries is publicly available anyway. So, ev...


Dirilis Ertugrul Sword is a medieval sword that used to fight in ancient times. It is one of the best swords. Yataghan is famous for its first-class swords. Most of them...


Hello to the forum, I am pretty new in SEO, I am trying to understand how can I make google pop up the categories of my website when someone search and get results.


my question is about google indexing. How to index website content using a search console? recommend me some best SEO tools as I am new in this field. Can someone help me...


Hello everybody, I was wondering if I could get some suggestions as to what to include in my website blog. For context my website is rentify.hn we are a zillow type webs...