Hi, One of my websites is not ranking on the first page even after performing perfectly on-page and off-page works. Our Woorank score is also higher than our competitors...


Hello everyone! As topic. I am fresher to joined SEO forum, just to say hi to all here. best!


I see these websites all the time on backlinking reports for some of my competitors, but I am really confused as to how people get backlinks from them. Does anyone recog...


Hi, I have an old website. Now I upgraded to a new site. Then, I add redirecitons to redirect the old URLs in the old site to the new URLs. I think all set. But the SEO c...


I want to know some best Social bookmarking sites for the Product Design category that provide free services with do-follow links.


Hello, I was looking for a way to extract a list of URLS from Google since I suspect that duplicate URLs have bee indexed. I followed this article:

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Hi, I am studying the Skyscraper SEO at It said "Ask those linking to the original piece to link to your superior cont...


At Claregate Gas, We provide gas and central heating services to homes and businesses across the Wolverhampton and surrounding area. We endeavour to only use the highest...


hello, I have a website talking about my country. I came across a vlogger who posts videos on youtube almost every week and talking about my country. He told me he can ad...


I want to know some best guest posting sites for the technology & business category that provide free services with the do-follow links.