Hey everyone, So, I stumbled upon this new tool recently, and it honestly feels like I might've discovered something pretty groundbreaking in the SEO realm. It's called E...


Pruning pages

by @jaap (1471), 1 month ago

My client and I are having a conversation. He wants to prune a lot of his blog pages. In itself a good idea to merge almost the same content, we agree. However, there are...


Hi, we two website consider A and B,here we are redirecting Product Page of a website A to website B Home page. So, Its advisible? Do more number of redirecting multiple...


"Friends, I have an online store that once ranked first on Google for many keywords. About a year ago, my site was attacked, suffered negative SEO, and got hacked. I...


Basically, I have a 3 month old site in a smaller niche. I have a lot of posts, about 80, with a mix of topical authority building pages, informational pages, and affilia...


Hi, I am new here, Anyone can help me find a page with all internal links in same domain.

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I have an e-commerce site, and I wanted to know what template should i use one template like “buy+Product+brandname” for all pages, or different templates like “buy+Produ...


My Website (amolikparkview.com) is not showing in SERP but showing n searh console. Why


In the bustling heart of India, where culture and modernity harmoniously coexist, lies an innovative trend that is transforming the world of beauty – Permanent Makeup in...


Do Creating and posting backlinks with social bookmarking,classified ads do improve the postion of Keywords in Google my Buissness Pack?