Hello, I bought a domain for a nutrition website but the old owner of this domain had a website that talked about digital marketing, SEO google, etc. Now I have 264 backl...


Hello, Every day I see lots of new 404 errors in my dashboard. Can this ruin my website SEO? Many errors have .xml .php what does that mean? I know they are bots. but w...


I want to delete my WordPress site tags. Do pages that are not indexed also need to be redirected? Or can I just delete them without redirecting?

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Hi guys, I'm currently seo this website It's been 2 years since Seo, but I haven't been to the top key Going to buy seo on backlinks az or something, buy...


My keyword ranked on the second page for a very long time how can I rank on 1st page?


Hi Every, I have two seo marketing vendors, the first vendor is saying to work on focused 15-20 keywords and compared to second vendor is saying to work with 60-80 keywor...


Hello friends, I am looking for free guest posting sites. Please suggest me or provide if you have any. Thank you in advance.


My company is based in India and want to target/get clients from USA. We don't have any office in USA, whose address can be used to create listings. How can we still do i...


Does one post on multiple categories affect my SEO? Will Google penalize considering as duplicate or plagiarized content?